Elbaz Puts on the Razzmatazz

Though things this season seem to be graying (the economy and weather, to name two), Lanvin's Spring/Summer 2009 show was a much needed exception. Never one to disappoint, Alber Elbaz lifted the spirits of fashionable women everywhere with another superb collection. Classic colors and simple cuts segued into a shocking finale of electric blue, leopard, and bejeweled accessories. Signs of a bright future on the horizon? Let's hope Spring 2009 turns out to be. Even if it doesn't, these sparkly heels will help boost your optimism.

What You'll Need:
Black heels (found at Old Navy)
Gold paint

Masking tape

Paint brush


Assorted crystals

First, paint the heels of the shoes gold. (Hint: use masking tape to section the heel off from the rest of the shoe, so the paint line is even). Allow to dry overnight, depending on the type of paint you use. Next, organize your crystals and decide the design you want. Lanvin's were very haphazardly placed, so that's the look I tried to channel.

Use the superglue to attach the crystals to the shoe heel. Be sure to cover all four sides of your heel if it's squared.

Slip on your heels and they'll put a little extra jazz in your step!



LML said...

those are GLORIOUS!

your mind never rests!

la petite fashionista said...

so trying this.. awesome diy

Anonymous said...

these shoes are so amazing! and you have got the best diy projects ever. i need to feature you on my blog a.s.a.p.

Cara said...

Thanks Farren! So glad you enjoy the blog!

Xtine said...

My goodness, I wanted those shoes ever since I first saw them! This is a great idea, and I absolutely love DIY projects.

Do you have a weapon of choice for jewelling things? I never liked the Bedazzler because they look too fake. I use the Kandi Kane because they were sold with Swarovski crystal appliques, but the annoying thing is that you have to stick them on one at a time - but that leaves less room for mistakes. It takes a lot of time and patience, though!

Anonymous said...

you are amazing and your projects so goody good!!!!! ;)

Cara said...

xtine - I usually jewel things using Krazyglue and my fingers, and/or a toothpick (for the judith leiber clutch and smaller crystals). I've actually never used a Bedazzler. I don't think you can beat the quality of individually placed crystals, so attempt the project when you have lots of time on your hands!

Karafina said...

That was so rad.. i need to get to this assp///!

your blog is awesome, so glad to have found you.
btw, do you pronounce your name, care-ah? or car-ah

fennella ella ay ay ay said...

oh my gosh i love thiss