Move over Jackie O., there's a new first lady of fashion in town! Michelle Obama ignited a fashion frenzy all along the campaign trail. She won over the masses with her accessible buys from J. Crew and H&M, while also garnering admiration from the more sartorially apt crowd with her penchant for designers like Narciso Rodriguez and Thakoon. Now that the new Mrs. O is officially our first lady, her style star is only sure to grow brighter. Rumors are swirling over a potential Vogue cover, and designers are clamoring to get their dresses on her for inauguration day. If you missed your shot to pick up the J. Crew cardigan she wore to an interview with Leno (which sold out the next day, natch), worry not! You can easily achieve Mrs. Obama's conservative-yet-chic style with a just a few wardrobe staples found in every girl's closet.

What You'll Need:

It's pretty self explanatory, but...

Button the top button of your cardigan and cover with a decorative brooch. Now that's a style statement sure to make Americans proud!



Demi said...

she really does have great style! i have just discovered your blog, and some of the stuff you make is AMAZING! well done! :)

Karafina said...

yay for brooches!!

i pronounce my name car-ah
pleasure to meet you! llooooovee your blog!