Double your pleasure, double your fun

Awhile back I brought to your attention the double belt trend that took the SS 09 runways by storm. A belted dress or tunic is one of the most common looks these days, so you need to add a little something special to stand out. In what is quite possibly my simplest DIY ever, I'll show you how to get the double belt look in less than two shakes of a lamb's tail!

What You'll Need:
Two belts of identical size
(Yep, that's it!)

It typically looks better if you choose belts of different colors and/or patterns. This will give your look an interesting dynamic when paired with monochrome garments. Connect the buckle of belt #1 to the belt hole of belt #2.

Now you're essentially left with one long belt. Wrap it twice around your waist, and buckle as you would a normal belt.

If (like most fashionistas) you have a flair for the dramatic, you could even repeat the look with three or four belts for a more corseted look!


P.S. "That's the statement of the great mint in Doublemint gum!"
(At least those were the lyrics when I was a kid, hehe)


Tribal Treasure

French interior designer (and baroness!) Rose Anne de Pampelonne's first foray into the fashion world didn't turn out exactly the way she planned. Her line of caftans and tunics were handmade in Nepal, but what did Rose Anne decide to do when the craftsmanship wasn't quite up to her standards? Rip the embroidery off and turn it into jewelry of course! Her embellished pieces, inspired by the foothills of the Himalayas, were right on target with this fall's tribal trend and were received by fashion critics with accolades.

What You'll Need:
1 yard ribbon
3 feathers

Ornate broach or ornament

Hot glue gun


First, cut the stems of the feathers down to size. Arrange the feathers in a circular pattern, or however you think they look best paire
d with your broach or ornament. Next, hot glue the feathers to the back of your ornament.

Tip: Use a toothpick to press the feather stem into the glue to ensure it is secure. Finally, loop your ribbon through the ornament and double knot it at the neck.



Hats On

This season was all about the exposed zipper; from skinny ankle jeans to bomber jackets, you could find zippers just about anywhere. But why not try showing off the trend in an unconventional way - like on your head! This vintage hat by Pretty Young Thing combines the best of old school charm with a modern twist.

What You'll Need:
Vintage felt hat
1 yard black 1/4" ribbon

One 22" metal black zipper

One 22" metal white zipper

Charm, button, or trinket
Hot glue gun

Start by gluing the thin black ribbon around the circumference of the hat. Next, fold one zipper in half (but make sure the ends are not perfectly even) and make a loop knot. Repeat with the second zipper.

Lay one zipper on top of the other cock-eyed and glue together. Glue the two zippers on the side of the hat. Finally, attach your charm to the zipper pull so it hangs off the side. I used my favorite cell phone charm that I bought from Colette in Paris to add a little sentimental value to the accessory!



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