Black, White, and Red-olutions

If you're like me, you plan weeks ahead for all the productive things you're going to accomplish over holiday breaks. However, that list usually goes out the window in favor of watching tv marathons (24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS, hecks yes!), catching up on movies/chick lit, and eating Mom's holiday sweets. Another winter vacation tradition that's come to pass over the years is eschewing traditional Christmas morning gifts in favor of post-holiday sales. Always on the hunt for a bargain, I've been searching for the perfect pair of heeled combat boots to pair with girly frocks and tulip skirts for weeks. Santa must have heard my wish because I scored an amazing pair of Kors combat boots on sale at Intermix!

The best part is that they zip up the side, so I won't be scrambling to tie the laces and fasten the buckles when I'm running late for my morning class.

My apologies for being extremely lazy in crafting this vacation, but a new year brings new resolutions. Everyone claims New Yorkers dress in all black, and I've come to realize that I've totally fallen victim to the stereotype. In 2009 one of my goals is to incorporate more color into my daily wardrobe. Now, I know white isn't a color per se, but it's not black. I've fallen more in love with Ann Demeulemeester every season for her classic black and white palate. My second Christmas miracle came in the form of an amazing deal on this Ann Demeulemeester blazer. I just love the black detailing and how the jacket is slightly longer in the front. This piece will be sure to get a lot of wear this coming year.

My other resolution is to be more economical in my spending habits as I'll be an official college grad come May. Since I'll be spending less money at sample sales, I'll just have to get all the more crafty. I'm taking a jewelry making course as part of my studio art minor (gotta love NYU!), so perhaps I'll even share some of my own designs come 2009!

The original Ann D on the runway


Christmas Corsage

We're all aware that sparkly tanks and short party dresses are essential garments for the holiday party circuit, but what's a girl to accessorize with? If you really want to get into the spirit, take a cue from Dries Van Noten's Spring runway by donning a jingle bell bracelet. Available in gold or silver, this bracelet will integrate seamlessly into your wardrobe. The guests will know the party has really started when the cheery jangle of the bells clicking together announces your arrival!

What You'll Need
Jingle bells in assorted sizes
Black ribbon,
approximately 3 yards
Hot glue gun

Start by making the bunch of bells that will sit on the back of your wrist. Slide to the center of the ribbon about 5 of the larger size jingle bells, then tie a knot. This creates the base off which you'll string the rest of the bracelet.

Using a hot glue gun, place a few medium size bells in the bunch for a fuller look. String bells through the ribbon on both sides of the bunch. Work your way from larger bells to smaller, stopping when the length of the bracelet fits around your entire wrist.

Tie the ribbon in a larger bow on the inside of your wrist. For a more dramatic flair, tie an extra piece of long ribbon around the knot.

Happy Holidays!



The Hills. The City. The University?

Congrats NYU Fashion Business Association for a great fall fashion show!

Don't let the girls from "The Hills" fool you into believing fashion is a brainless industry. Those headsets are dang hard to operate. Seriously, I don't think NYU should have let me use one before earning my degree. Props to Whit for mastering the use of her headset.

Who else is excited for the premiere of The City on Dec. 29?

Yes, I know the premiere date...

No, I'm not ashamed... *looks around nervously*

Whitney was always my fave.



Beaming Beamon

Vicki Beamon and Karen Erickson are well known for their jewelry line Erickson Beamon, but did you know they made home decor as well? Karen Erickson is single handedly responsible for coining the term "chandelier earring" in the 1980s after her designs, but her passion for chandeliers went one step further.

Behold, the Glam Rock Chandelier.

The antique brass based chandelier is dripping in Japanese glass pearls and Swarovski crystals. The piece has been on display in London's Victoria and Albert Museum for nearly 20 years, and it can be yours for the mere price of $32,500.00! C'mon, everyone needs a designer light fixture to properly see their couture garments underneath. Don't quite have the funds for such an extravagant purchase? Neither did Mama Couturiere. Wanting to spice up an old Williamsburg chandelier in her bathroom, she drew inspiration from this true objet d'art. Now we all know the origin of my creative genes...thanks Mama Couturiere!

What You'll Need:
Lighting fixture
5 strands garland (each 6 ft long)

Whether you use a chandelier with mini shades or one lamp, start by cutting the outer fabric off the shade. Leave the inner layer of fabric in tact, and you'll be able to see the wire frame of the shade. For a mini shade, cut your 6 ft strand of Christmas pearl and crystal garland in half. Wrap the garland through the wire lamp frame (to hold in place) in a growth like pattern.

Repeat for all mini shades. If you're decorating a single lamp, you'll want to leave the garland long and wrap it in a spiral around the shade.