Double your pleasure, double your fun

Awhile back I brought to your attention the double belt trend that took the SS 09 runways by storm. A belted dress or tunic is one of the most common looks these days, so you need to add a little something special to stand out. In what is quite possibly my simplest DIY ever, I'll show you how to get the double belt look in less than two shakes of a lamb's tail!

What You'll Need:
Two belts of identical size
(Yep, that's it!)

It typically looks better if you choose belts of different colors and/or patterns. This will give your look an interesting dynamic when paired with monochrome garments. Connect the buckle of belt #1 to the belt hole of belt #2.

Now you're essentially left with one long belt. Wrap it twice around your waist, and buckle as you would a normal belt.

If (like most fashionistas) you have a flair for the dramatic, you could even repeat the look with three or four belts for a more corseted look!


P.S. "That's the statement of the great mint in Doublemint gum!"
(At least those were the lyrics when I was a kid, hehe)


Mary said...

what a clever idea! and so simple!

Anonymous said...

Cara you cheeser I love you "two shakes of a lamb's tail"

Def cute idea with the belt, I'm def going to try this one! maybe one patent and one matte??

xoxo JULIA

la petite fashionista said...

this is a great idea! i never realized how simple it is to recreate a corseted type belt that were all over the runways:)

Domonique said...

love this idea.

you have a great little blog here.

Ollie said...

As a guy i've always worn two belts when I can't decide on what one to wear, in context anyway, looks cool!

Black and white!

Elisa said...

that's a very cool idea, i think i'll try it ;)

Karafina said...

so easy, yet so amazing!!!!!!

gives you that "why didn't i think of that?" moment.
you are brilliant!

Caroline said...

Yeah I have definitely been looking for a "double belt" look...and this is the perfect solution. Kudos!


fennella ella ay ay ay said...

&& the fuuny thing is I saw one of these online && was wondering WHERE THE HECK CAN I GET THAT.
question answered thnx!