Dye Job #2: Prada S/S 04

I'm not trying to fool anyone and claim that an item of clothing from 2004 can be called "vintage," but something about Prada's 2004 spring collection makes my heart skip a beat. It represents the time in my life when I was just discovering fashion. I distinctly remeber seeing a photo of Madonna wearing the dip-dye cardigan and thinking "I could make that...!" Unfortunately, Carbon Couturier's first DIY didn't end up so well; I had more red dye on my hands than the sweater! Ever since that ill-fated project I take notice when I see degradé items. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this Prada skirt at San Francisco thrift store Wasteland last week!

The best part: it was $28. Yes, $28 for Prada! The worst part: it was 2 sizes too small. Being too good a bargain to pass up, I insisted that my petite friend buy it instead.

Upon re-evaluation, I've concluded dip dying can't be that difficult. You can revitalize virtually any piece of clothing and the trend has withstood the test of time. Just last season Lacroix incorporated the look into his collection with ombre leggings. Now the question is, what random items of white clothing do you have lying around?

xx, CC


Dye-ing to try...

Karen Walker acid wash jeans.

Upon first glance I thought these pants were the most heinous article of clothing I ever laid eyes on! I mean, who would pay $385 to look like they performed menial labor for a living? However, something about the ease in which Lauren Santo Domingo pulls off the look (in the background of a recent Sartorialist post no less) inspired me to try it out. It's a cheap, simple project; all you need is to splatter some bleach on an old pair of dark jeans. Pair them with a billowing blouse (à la Lauren) for a summertime chic vibe or throw on a bouclé sweater at the first sign of an autumn breeze.

xx, CC


Hermes: Maker of Fine Leather Goods and...Carbon Couture Mind Reader!?

The say "great minds think alike." And if Hermes's new project is any indication, the leather goods manufacturer and this Carbon Couture blogger must have very, very like minds.

Now if only there was a way to enlarge the pattern and substitute paper with leather... hehehe!

Hint: On the home page click United States: Travel the World of Hermes: Download your kelly!

xx, CC

YSL Paint Splatter Skirt

Eeek! Sorry, sorry for my lack of updates!! Moving apartments, decorating, and getting settled in my summer job has left very little time for fashion projects. However, the resort shows are over and couture season is officially underway, so I'm sure I'll find lots of inspiration and I hope you will too! Just perusing style.com's "detail" shots of the shows gives me tons of ideas. I've been meaning to paint splatter a white skirt for some time to achieve this YSL look:

With the long weekend kicking off tomorrow I'll finally have time to give it a go! Not to mention that I have bunches of extra paint lying around my apartment from stenciling chairs (as part of decorating my new digs). Stay tuned for the results...

xx, CC