Face Time

If iphones and crackberries seem omnipresent these days, it's because they are - iPhone sales doubled last quarter. While that's great for Mac-lovers everywhere, some of us fashion enthusiasts are having a hard time accepting our way of keeping an eye on the clock has changed. Though the watch is seemingly becoming obsolete, the accessory has extended its life line by serving fun over function. For example, Dolce and Gabbana's Fall '09 collection featured chunky necklaces as an homage to the grandfather's pocket watch. Now Tom Binns has jumped on the bandwagon with his collection of faceless timepieces ranging in colors from neon to classic gold. As for what the future holds for the classic timepiece... we'll just have to watch out next season.

What You'll Need:
Link watch
Metal paint

This project can be done in one of two ways. If you like the watch dial and link band as is, simply use a brush to paint over the face of the watch in a neat circle. Try to match the paint as closely as possible to the original metal. If you'd rather the entire watch be one color, simply spray paint the entire thing.