Isabel Marant Rock n' Roll Boots

We're in the thick of Paris Fashion Week and I've been following style.com religiously (classes be damned!). In my breaks between finance and business leadership I rush to the computer lab to see what new shows have been posted in the 1.15 hours I've been held hostage in the classroom. This garners more than a few stares from my fellow business classmates, who rush to the computer lab to see where the DOW is currently.

Isabel Marant showed her collection, dubbed "A little bit country, a little bit rock n' roll," to the fashion elite in Paris yesterday. I could have lived with out the country bit, but when it came to her chain wrapped slouchy boots...in the words of Rachel Zoe: "I DIE!" Remembering an old pair of Cole Haan boots I had stashed in the back of my closet, I wasted no time fashioning a pair of my very own.



What You'll Need:
Slouchy boots

Super glue or double stick tape


Fasten the chain to the back of the boot using super glue or a piece of tape (depends if you want to remove the chain later on down the line). Wrap the chain around the boot several times, working upward. When you reach the top, connect the chain together using pliers.


Now you have your very own pair of Isabel Marant boots, months before they become available to the masses! Play up the rocker vibe by pairing them with skinny jeans, or tone down the look with a flirty dress.



Pearl of Wisdom

Well, today marks day one of Paris Fashion Week! What better way to kick things off than with a project inspired by one of France's most famed designers, Jean Paul Gaultier. Though his Fall 2008 RTW collection had some weird animalistic undertones (c'mon, girls were wearing pelts on their heads), his delicate pearl-trimmed velour heels are the perfect thing to wear to a holiday cocktail party.

What You'll Need:
One pair heels

2 long strands faux pearls

fabric glue

Glue one end of a pearl strand on the back, center edge of the shoe. If the pearls are different sizes, make sure the largest pearls are in the front center (where you slide your toes in).

Continue gluing the strand around the shoe until the entire edge is trimmed. Depending on the shape of your shoe, you could play around with an ankle or T-strap too!



You Heard It Here First

9/23/08: Carbon Couture: Mad for Plaid

9/25/08: Fashionista.com: Mad for Plaid



Mission: Imitate

Were there Italian spies in the audience at Catherine Holstein's runway show? Less than one month after Cat showed a plunging floral jumpsuit in New York, the look reappeared in Milan at Moschino Cheap & Chic, right down to the sweater-wrapped head.

The question is...why is this a look you'd want to copy anyway!?



Mad for Plaid

Christopher Bailey isn't the only designer staking claim over checks this season. Everyone from Dolce & Gabbana to Karen Walker found inspiration in the English's heavy tartans and love for hunting. Though not everyone can escape to the Balmoral estate for a weekend like Wills and Kate, us fashion elite can take on the urban jungle in a pair of killer heels inspired by Robert Clergerie. The heels are easier to navigate on concrete than Scottish moors anyway!What You'll Need:
1 pair heels (found at Old Navy)
1/2 yard plaid fabric
Tracing paper
Hot glue

First, you need to make a pattern for the plaid fabric. Take a sheet of tracing paper and wrap it around the heel of your shoe. Crease the paper where the edges overlap. Trace around the top and bottom of the heel with pencil. When you unwrap the paper you should have an outline of the pattern. Cut this out and lay the tracing paper over your plaid fabric. Cut out the plaid fabric according to your pattern.

On the inside of the heel, squeeze a narrow line of hot glue down the center. Press one edge of the plaid on top of the glue. Glue down the rest of the fabric around the shoe until the remaining edge meets back in the inside center of the heel. Trim off any excess fabric.



Out on a Lim

Us style fiends tend to get very opinionated about the merits of the "granny chic" trend. The pieces tend to veer toward the oversize and comfortable, which lead some to call the look frumpy. I say frump-shmump! Thrown over black wool tights and knee-high boots, this 3.1 Phillip Lim inspired cardigan will keep me cozy all winter long.

What You'll Need:
X-long cardigan (found at Old Navy)
5 yards lace trim

Lay the cardigan on a flat surface. Place the lace on top of the lapel, right side down. Pin in place around the entire sweater, giving a little more leeway at the neck. Sew down the lace along the lapel, using a straight line of tiny stitches.

Next, fold the lace over so the correct side is facing up, and iron flat. Sew the lace down around the scalloped edge to hold in place.

Hey, you gotta admit, when dressing for a morning class, it looks chicer than a pair of sweats.




Is Phillip Lim taking style cues from Stefano Pilati? This top and clutch look straight out of the same collection:Swap the petal pink skirt with distressed jeans for a more laid back vibe. Individually, each piece exudes rocker chic. Paired together... let's not go there.



Zip It

The exposed zipper is one of THE trends for fall. From runways and editorials, the look has now trickled down to high street retailers. I'm a huge fan of the look, but let's just hope it doesn't become as ubiquitous as the dress that won't die. YSL, once again, served as my inspiration for creating this edgy accessory with an unexpected ruffle.
What You'll Need:
Vintage clutch
Hot glue gun

Six 22" zippers

Cut each of the six zippers in half. Make sure the zippers run the front length of the bag, and bend around the corner too. Starting at the bottom of the bag, glue the fabric above the zipper to the bag. Work your way up, row by row, until you reach the top of the bag.

There you have it! Your very own rocker accessory. Too bad there are 12 zippers on the thing, but still nowhere to store the massive amounts of junk I lug around with me!

xx, CC

Instructions and bag courtesy of Mama Couturier


Leather N' Lace

Prada may have staked its claim over the lace trend for Fall 2008, but we all know fashion is cyclical. Back in the days of Yore (aka 2005), YSL showed delicate, lace bags reminiscent of the Victorian Era.

What You'll Need:
Structured handbag
Battenburg lace (enough to cover bag, 1 yard should be plenty)

Beaded chain for handle

Strips of leather (1 in. wide x 12 in. long)

Pinking shears



Lay lace over the front of your handbag and cut the shape to fit right to the edge of the bag. Glue the lace down around the perimeter of the bag. Take your pinking shears and cut the leather strips on one side so a zig-zag pattern results. Line up the straight edge of the leather strips to the edge of the bag and glue down. The zig zag should face inward, and cover the lace. Attach beaded handle to the bag and swing over your shoulder!

xx, CC


Chain Reaction

Despite all the press surrounding Erin Wasson's questionable jewelry designs, it was the FORM show last Friday that sparked a desire to create my own body chain. I invited friends Connie and Elana over to partake in the jewelry making festivities! As New York fashion week finally winds down, we had time to relax, recap the Spring 2009 trends, and pop open the bottle of champagne from the DKNY show goody bag!

What You'll Need:

Approximately 3 yards thin chain


There really is no set formula for making the body chain. I found that trial and error works best. Simply drape and twist the chain around your body in positions you find flattering. Once you're happy with the result, undo the loops on the chain and reconnect them in the desired position. Here are our results:

xx, CC

Double or Nothing

Next time you find yourself belt shopping you won't have to waste time debating the merits of one style over another. Spring 2009 runways dictate that you can have both!
Marc by Marc Jacobs sent multiple girls down the runway with layered belts (left) and Aurelio Costarella paired two color coordinating belts with his elegant chiffon gowns. The trick to pulling off this look is to make sure you use skinny belts with understated buckles.

Happy wrapping!

xx, CC


Bow Belt

After viewing 3.1 Phillip Lim's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G show yesterday, I wanted to run home straight away and construct a "bow belt."
I think it will look super cute with a extra-long cardigan and jeans or an oversize cashmere sweater dress for winter.

xx, CC


One of these things is not like the other...

I thought I left my days of experimental nail polish behind me (c'mon, you remember those middle school days of layering different colored glitters), but after reading this interesting tidbit I gave this look a try.

I just hoping sporting the same manicure at fashion week isn't akin to sporting the same dress as the girl in the next row over.

xx, CC

P.S. How adorable is the B&B notebook Catherine Holstein gave out at her show? I'll have the most stylish corporate finance notes in my whole class!