Adventures of Agent Skully

Ever have those moments where you reach into the back of your closet and pull out something you totally forgot you had? It's like finding gold in a pan full of rocks! This morning I found my homemade Alexander McQueen skull scarf buried behind a stack of sweaters. This scarf was seen adorning the neck of every celeb and socialite under thirty circa 2005 (see Sienna, Nicole, and Ashley pictured below). Though some may argue the skull trend is "dead," I always enjoy feeling a little extra hardcore walking the streets of NYC (read: I am not hardcore and need all the help I can get).

What You'll Need:
Large square of chiffon


Black Sharpie

Skull stencil

First, make your skull stencil on the computer by zooming in on the original scarf. Print off three different images of the skull, all in different sizes. Next, lay your chiffon square flat. Decide the placement of your different size skulls using a ruler. My skulls are about five inches apart. Mark a small dot every spot where a skull should be drawn to make sure the pattern is symmetrical. Next, lay your chiffon over your printed skull image. Trace the skull outline with a pencil. Repeat for as many skulls as you want on your scarf. Lastly, fill in all the skulls with a black sharpie.

Note: In 2005, I was lusting after a McQueen skull scarf so badly that I actually traced the label onto my "impostor." I do not condone this sort of copyright infringement. I've since learned to take a little creative liberty with my designs to make them my own!



CRISTA said...

haah.. you're pretty clever!!!

saray said...

your blog is great!!

I bought 2 skull scarf from claire's..