Paper Chains

Who would've thought your status as the #1 construction-paper-chain-maker in kindergarten would come in handy after the age of seven? Lo and behold, the elementary craft project gets a haute redo thanks to Louis Vuitton's fall runway. Monsieur Marc off-set his delicate black lace ensembles with chunky necklaces in shades from hot pink and purple to gold metallic that can easily be recreated on a shoe string budget.

What You'll Need:
Pleather ribbon
Tulle ribbon
Hot glue

Start by cutting your pleather ribbon into 4 inch strips. Curve into a ring and secure the ends together with hot glue. Make the chain long enough to cover the front of your neck; you could make either a choker or a extra-long necklace. Once the chain is the length you desire, tie a piece of tulle ribbon on both ends. Secure the necklace around the back of your neck with a burgeoning bow!

Watch a video of Malina from ELLE magazine construct her very own LV necklace.