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With the temperature dropping on a daily basis, I find myself longing for the warm days of spring. Which also means I'm looking through spring collections! Who could forget Erin Fetherston's runway debut in 2007? She sent girls down her New York runway with the idea that they were "a flower sprouting from a sidewalk in an urban environment." Everything from the petal and tulip skirts to the daisy chain headbands evoked a sense of breezy freshness. Just because you're bogged down with winter wear doesn't mean you have to lose that lightness in your step. With a simple color alteration, and you can wear floral accessories all year round!

What You'll Need:

Fabric flowers


Take your wire and mold it into a circle to create the base of the crown.
Fold the wire flower stems around the crown , working your way around the entire ring. Sew on other details such as small flowers or tie on raffia ribbon bows for a fuller look.

I recommend dark colors, such as black, navy, or eggplant to stay on trend with the current season. Can't you just picture this black crown with a opaque tights and patent heels for a holiday party? The vibe is so Gothic romance, practically right out of a Brontë novel!

Instructions and images via Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl
Alix's photos are so inspiring, they could slip right in the pages of Lula Magazine!


P.S. Apologies for my recent lack of updates. I've had lots of side projects, school, etc. However, I have some great ideas to bring to fruition this weekend, and Thanksgiving break will serve as a crafting extravaganza (not to mention visits to the best antique stores in GA with my creative partner Mama Couturier)!


heartofpearl♥ said...

oh this is so cute i want to try :)~

E said...

OMG... Cara, I love this all so much. You are truly inspiring. I want to get into crafts again and am finding a lot of new Christmas gift options.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, your ideas are wonderfull!

TheMinx said...

I absolutely love this!! The black roses are so romantic, and the fact that they're black makes them a little tougher and perfect for winter. Great idea!!

Ruta said...

That's so gorgeous. There's a similiar DIY in Teen Vogue a couple months back, but I like the idea of using dark flowers instead.

Sahel said...

omg i adore this !
your blog is absolute bliss!