When Bloggers Collide

You may have noticed that I try to keep knowledge about my personal life to a minimum on this blog. I rarely photograph myself sporting the items I make because I want you to take my examples and inject your own personal style into re-creating them. However, something so fantastically exciting happened Wednesday night that I can't resist sharing! Part of my duties as President for NYU's Fashion Business Association include finding guest speakers from the industry to give lectures to our members. I sent an email to Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist about a month ago, and he agreed to fit a FBA lecture into his schedule between work gigs in Moscow and Rio.

Scott was so nice, down to earth, and sarcastic - just my sense of humor! When asked about how his blog was first received he recalled"People would think ‘Satirist? Is that a comedy website? Maybe he doesn’t know how to spell?’" He graciously stayed well past the Q&A session, speaking individually to every student who waited in line.

The FBA Executive Board poses with Scott

I was thrilled FBA was able to pull off this event for our members. We even made the front page of the NYU newspaper the next day! If you want to see more coverage from the event check out:

Maybe this Carbon Couturiere has a future career in event planning?



Bambola said...

WOAH! How cool! SO many kudos to you for getting him to come to your event =)

The Magraker said...

what a small, cute little man! he's like my size. he looks so angry though. cara, congratulations on a job well done! sounds like it was a huge success :) --B

Karafina said...

thats pretty freakin awesome. what a fun experience..

Modelizer said...

I always see Scott around and I want to say something but I never do. The first time I ever saw him, almost 2 years ago, I took a super creepy camera phone shot in the middle of my phone call and emailed it to him [with my own dry humor attached, since it down poured moments after] and he was so sweet.

Congrats on the event :)

LauraJ said...

This is so cool! I guess it never hurts to ask :)