Diversified Assets

I've heard lots of scary rumors in the past few months regarding the current economic climate. Without a doubt, the most frightening was that bankers at Goldman Sachs hypothesized US currency would become worthless. Can you imagine what would happen to our society if money ceased to exist? Take a cue from Mary-Kate and Ashley by diversifying your portfolio - invest in bullion pieces such as gold and silver, then flaunt your wealth on your sleeve!

What You'll Need:

X-long white shirt
Earrings or two charms
Jump ring



Lay the shirt on a flat surface. Fold the fabric vertically, slightly off center. Sew together the fold with a few small stitches. Attach the two earrings together with the jump ring. If you're using earrings, make sure you take off the hooks! Center the connected charms over the fold, and secure them down to the shirt with a few stitches (tip: place the charms so they will hit about at your hip bone level when the shirt is on).

The Elizabeth and James Bullion Slub can be worn open or closed. Personally, I think the draping is what make the shirt unique, so I plan on always wearing it closed. I stitched my shirt together to hold the fold in place, but you can easily unhook the charms by replacing the jump ring with a jewelry clasp. Instead of sewing the shirt fabric together, just make the fold and sew the charms down.


Side note: How much does the Revolve Clothing model look like Blake Lively? Weird. Maybe it's the hair?


la petite fashionista said...

you're so talented!

this is a great twist on a plain white tee.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I'll have to try it when I find a couple of charms.

And I'd love to trade links :) Consider it done! xx