Let's Get Cheeky

Every season make-up trends seem to alternate between playing up either bold lips or dramatic eyes, but recently we're seeing an emphasis on a new facial feature. Red glitter hearts and lips adorned tulle covered cheeks at the Comme des Garçons fall runway show, while Chanel Iman was looking particularly whimsical with glitter stars on her angelic angles in a recent spread for Lula magazine. And you thought you would never have a use for all those Sandylion foil star stickers you stocked up on in grade school!



Pampers in Paris

Don't get me wrong... I adore Nicolas Ghesquière, but does anyone else think the models at Balenciaga looked like they were swaddled in Huggies?

I may try a toned down version of this skirt because I think the draping and colors are absolutely gorgeous.