Vested Interest

Thank Serena van der Woodsen for single-handedly bringing back the "bobo" - bohemian bourgeois - trend so finely crafted by the twins (you know which ones) circa 2004. This time around, cowboy boots and status handbags have been replaced by chunky necklaces, deconstructed tees, and... fringe. As an update to the flapper staple, Chelsea Flower has created a beaded version to achieve a Native American affect. The result? The perfect piece to wear during your daily routine of picking up bio fair trade groceries and aligning you chakras.

What You'll Need:
Vest (found at TJ Maxx)
Seed Beads




First decide the color pattern for your seed beads. Next, thread your needle and knot the end. Starting from the inside of the vest, poke your needle through closest to the vertical edge seam. String your beads. Loop the thread back through the beads again from the bottom, but skip the bottom-most bead. This secures the string.

Push the needle and thread back through the vest where you came from the underneath. About 1/2" to the side, bring your needle back up. Bead another fringe string and repeat. repeat. repeat...



Cypriotchick said...

such an amazing yet simple idea! thanks once again for the tut :D


Karen said...

that's such a great idea, thanks!

monique said...

love all of your ideas...thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Oh that is way cool! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

saray said...

great idea..

Jess said...

LOVE this vest! i wish you were close by and could help me make one :(