Safety First

No one does ironic jewelry quite like the notably candid Tom Binns. He has a penchant for taking fine "diamonds, emeralds, and shit" and dimming them down with sterling silver skulls and everyday objects such as laminated plastic. Take for instance his Rythym of Cruelty necklace. A pair of preppy pearls turn punk with the addition of a few safety pin closures. A veritable fountain of DIY inspiration, Mr. Binns also debuted a collection entitled "Get Real" at Colette in which he took magazine clippings of fine jewelry and laminated them to create wearable pieces. In a time when it's considered uncouth to flaunt one's wealth, Mr. Binns has come up with the perfect solution for the recessionista!

What You'll Need:
Safety pins
Pearl beads
Seed beads (optional)
Beading string
Two jump rings


Seeing as how I just made a necklace, I decided to make a bracelet version on this go-round. Start by linking together three safety pins. Using the pliers, attach the two jump rings on either end of the chain of pins. Measure your beading string around your wrist (or neck), leaving ample room on each end. Double/triple knot the beading string to one of the jump rings. Put a dot of superglue on the knot (to ensure it won't come undone) and snip off the tail. String the pearls and beads together for the length of your bracelet. Knot, glue, and snip the second end!

If you have an overflow of safety pins and a bit more time on your hands, be sure to try his pin and pearl necklace.



Cypriotchick said...

this is such a good idea thanks for sharing! its nice to see that ur back :D


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Wow-I love your version! It's fantastic! Thanks so much for the idea, I'll be linking.

Cafe Fashionista said...

When I was in fourth grade there were goths in my neighborhood who would literally use safety pins as earrings. It looked so painful. This is a much safer, and quite clever, alternative to embracing safety pins as jewelry. A DIY is surely in order this weekend! :)

Cancha-diction said...

love these pieces of jewelry! very creative. my latest entry talks about using pinbacks for jewelry. they're great for making cute brooches.


I have to try this. Love your DIYs!

CAMILLE said...

wow you a very creative. awesome!

carlyjcais said...

I love your bracelet!
I made a pair of Tom Binns-inspired earrings at


Love your blog - so inspiring!


HJC Editor said...

Your safety pin necklace is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at http://www.handmade-jewelry-club.com/

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