Take A Bow

Summer is KNOT over yet, so take advantage of the warm weather in these ribbon knotted Lanvin sandals! Alber Elbaz certainly had sunshine in mind when designing his colorful Resort 2010 collection inspired by Acapulco, Mexico. Vibrant shades of azure, lime, and watermelon accent beautifully draped black ensembles. The standout pieces, however, are the fully fluffed out shoes! From rafia pom-poms to metallic high-tops, Mr. Elbaz's accessories are designed with the social butterfly (and her hectic schedule) in mind. These shoes were made for party hopping - er walking!

What You'll Need:
T-strap sandals (found at Target)
Two shade of grosgrain ribbon

Four large pearl beads
One packet of small crystals
Prong back settings (available at most craft stores)


First, tie six pieces of ribbon (double knotted) up the front strap of your sandal. Clip the ribbon off at an angle and fray the ends with the edge of your scissors. To attach the pearls thread your needle and double knot the end. Thread through the center of the ribbon knot from the underside. Slide the pearl onto the thread. Push the needle back through the ribbon close to where you made the first stitch. Repeat one more loop to secure, then tie off the thread underneath the grosgrain ribbon.

Finally it is time to add a little bling to the bows. Push a prong back setting through the underside of the ribbon so you can see the prongs poking through. Set the crystal in the middle. Use the pliers to bend the prongs to hold the crystal tightly in place. Repeat for however many crystals you want. I clustered mine around the pearls with a few spaced in between.



Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

Awesome blog you have here! Lovin all the DIYs!!


Mcmaris said...

I always love to check your DIY's, but this is such a great easy one that will amp up any outfit!

Ruta said...

this is really cool. i really like it.

ps. i love your last post. totally awesome.