Hear No Evil...

There is no disputing that Barbie has had a major influence on high fashion. She celebrated her 50th birthday last fashion week with a blow-out runway show featuring designs from the likes of Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, and of course Bob Mackie. Apart from the impact her distorted proportions have had on society, she is an iconic symbol of youth and beauty. Thanks to artist, Margaux Lange, the plastic princess "has become the accessory instead of being accessorized." Exploring the darker side of the bubblegum pop phenom, Margaux uses every imaginable doll part to create handcrafted jewelry available for sale on her website. However, if you have some old dolls lying around the house, you can easily put your own spin on these "hear-rings!"

What You'll Need:
Doll head

X-acto knife

Eye pins

Earring hooks or posts


Crystals (the size of the ear)
Boondoggle thread (aka plastic lanyard)

Assorted beads


The first step is not for the faint of heart. You'll need to take your X-acto knife and cut the plastic ears out of your doll's head in a large square shape. Then, squeeze some superglue onto the back of your square crystal and adhere it to the back off the plastic ear. This gives the earring a finished look should it twist around while you wear it. Next cut off the excess plastic around the crystal with the X-acto knife.

Take your plastic lanyard and superglue it around the four side of the square. Make sure the plastic overlaps at one corner and trim off the excess. Next, attach your earring hook or post to the loop on the eye pin using pliers. String the beads onto your eye pin in the desired pattern. Take the needle and poke it vertically into the top center of the ear square, where the eye pin with enter. This gets the hole started so it will not be as difficult to poke the eye pin through.

Finally, gently (but with force) ease the eye pin into the hole until it is about half way into the square. At this point you should be able to hold the earring upright without the beads falling off. Dab some superglue where the eye pin sits in the plastic ear to secure the post.

From a distance these look like any other beaded earring, but up close people get a macabre surprise!



Pinky said...

You did an amazing job, as always! But the whole concept is so creepy to me *shudders* I guess it is true what some say "Fashion is not for the faint-hearted"

The Village Idiot said...

love love love your blog! So glad i stumbled upon it! Thanks for the inspiration!

fazed-girl said...

These are as terrifying as the original! Which I meant to be a compliment.

Anonymous said...

LOVE these!!! LOVE the ones with the floral beads, hook a sista upppppp..... ching/chong