The Bright Stuff

If you thought neons were for preschoolers (c'mon we all thought LA Lights were the bomb), think again! It is time to make like a highlight kid and sport the trend once again. From ├╝ber cool Alex Wang to established labels such as Marc Jacobs and DKNY, there is no doubt some of the hottest jewelers got their inspiration straight from the runway. If you feel just a tad ostentatious sporting screaming yellow around your neck, you needn't fret. Even Michelle Obama was spotted wearing one of Tom Binn's creations to an event at the Kennedy Center.

From left: Tom Binns, Tom Binns, Givenchy

What You'll Need:
Two pin backs
Charm (optional)
Plastic lanyard (or neon beads, gems, etc.)


I had a whole box full of plastic string leftover from the summer I was going to make a fortune selling lanyards to all my elementary school buds, so I thought the neon shade would be perfect for recreating the feel of Mr. Binn's masterpiece. Start by making four 1.5" circle stitch lanyards. Next attach them together with chain by using pliers to slide the chain links under the side stitches of the lanyard. Drape loops of chain in varying lengths off the bottom chain (again using pliers to open and close the links). On each pin back, loop the ribbon through and superglue it flat on the back side. Attach the necklace links through the pin backs. Tie around your neck and adjust the bow until it hits at your desired length.



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