Neat As A Pin

All the cool kids live in Brooklyn these days, including Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai, collectively known as Vena Cava. A wardrobe staple of Blake Lively's Gossip Girl character, the line is most recognized for its sexy party dresses and ornamental necklines. Although the two showed a more subdued collection for Spring 2010, they couldn't help but adding a little Williamsburg flavor to their collection with a safety-pin camisole. Their effort to make "wearable day pieces" certainly succeeded. Thrown over a basic tee or jersey dress, this makeshift suit of armor also comes in handy when your pants button pops or you need to pick a lock... which is far more frequently these days given the economy. Hey, I'm just saying.

What You'll Need:
Large safety-pins
Jump rings


First make the bodice piece by connecting the safety-pins in a horizontal row long enough to fit loosely around your chest. Use the pliers to attach the jump rings through the top loops of the safety-pins and the bottom loops. Repeat for two more rows. Now use the jump rings to attach the three rows together. This allows the vest to lay flat, whereas if you actually pin them together it will get twisted. Finally, connect a row of pins for your straps and adjust the length.



Heather - CROQZine.com - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

That's so cute! :)

yhamilet said...

Hola me encanta tu blog, y he puesto una entrada en el mio hablando sobre las cosas sorprendentes que haces; espero y no te incomode ya que todo esta referenciado a tu blog.

Tambien espero que me entiendas lo que digo; sigue asi que lo que haces nos inspira a todas.


Runaway Gallery said...

totally do-able

Fanny said...

Love it !