All Points West

The best ideas seem to be born out of dorm rooms these days. Following in the footsteps of companies like Dell, facebook, and Google, sisters Katheryn and Elizabeth Fortunato started Lizzie Fortunato jewels while they were students at Duke University. After graduation, the two took their campus curios to the Big Apple where they launched their namesake line in 2007. In addition to putting out her own line every season, Elizabeth also manages to design the jewelry for Victoria Bartlett's VPL runway show. For fall the sisters were inspired by their roadtrip through the American West and aptly titled the collection "Long May You Run." Using stones reminiscent of the canyons and elegantly braided silk thread, these bracelets will certainly have a long run in your winter wardrobe.

What You'll Need:
Embroidery floss
Jewelry wire

Assorted beads


Bracelet closures


There are many different ways these bracelets can be made. First I must note that instead of thick gold chain I decided to use strands of small gold beads that have been sitting in my jewelry box forever. For the longest part of the bracelet simply braid together the chain and/or embroidery floss. Finish off both ends of the braid by knotting it onto a wire-wrapped loop (click here for simple instructions on how to make a wire-wrapped loop). String your beads onto the wire, then finish off with another loop. Attach the chain and bracelet closures, then add any extra braids or dangling charms.



Alice said...

oh wow, i love these bracelets!!

Margaux. said...

These are really cute. I don't think I'm talented enough to make them, but I love the pink one.

Anonymous said...

Oh goshhhhh this is such a great post, one of your best things to show us!! Thanks so much!! I plan on making one :) x

monique said...

I love them!! Thanks

The Social said...

wow i love the bracelets.
you should make them and sell them!
would love one.

check out my new blog- thesocialcode.tumblr.com

Jess said...

cara!! love these bracelets.. maybe you should start an etsy shop with your own designs one day?? you're oooh so talented my dear!