Mirror, Mirror on the...

Skirt!? Apparently Thakoon Panichgul took it upon himself to rewrite the famous fairy tale line when designing his Fall 2009 collection. The Thailand-born wunderkind added tiny bits of broken mirror to jewelry, shoes, and even a jacket and skirt for his runway show. No more interrupting your evening to run to the ladies room when you can check out your reflection on your own clothes! With just the perfect touch of surrealism, this piece travels effortlessly from catwalk to sidewalk. Whether partying with Patrick Bateman at Canal Bar or meeting your girlfriends for dinner at Espace (80's are so hot right now) Thakoon redefines basic black.

What You'll Need:
Black skirt
Mirror mosaic tiles

Fabric glue

Line up your first tile in the bottom left corner of the skirt, just above the seam. Glue to the skirt by rubbing some fabric glu directly on the material and pressing the tile on top [Note: If you can find mosaic tile with sewing holes on either side, I recommend sewing them instead] .

Next, work your way out from the bottom by gluing pieces above and to the right. Continue adding on until you covered as much of the skirt as you like.

Shown with hot pink DIY
woven lanyard necklace and Chanel
wraparound stilettos



carlyjcais said...

What a fantastic idea! I love it! (I so wish notions manufacturers and Jo-Ann's would start stocking sew-on mirrors in order to do this!)

Thanks for the inspiration!

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Malu said...

Thats a great idea!!
I find your blog so inspiring!


lisa + cathy said...

GREAT IDEA! i'm doing some DIY this week and i'm loving it that your blog is dedicated to DIY guides, you just made my week less boring :D

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Wow, I love this! I'll be linking in my next DIY Fashion Roundup. Those tiles are fantastic!

Angelia said...

Always something fabulous here!!

LML said...

youre spot on - as always!

IdStyle said...

Love it!

elena-lu said...

ooh like this! got some fun ideas on here!

lucinda said...

This is great! Where did you find mirror tiles?

Fanny said...

I love your blog they are so much great ideas of DIY
thank's for all of it :)