Stud Muffin

Ever since Riccardo Tisci accented everything from delicate, chiffon tanks to heavy, leather bombers with large gold studs on the runway at Givenchy's Fall '07 show, the fashion world just can't get enough. Not sure if I was ready to dive head first into the stud tank, I decided to test these babies out on an accessory. Seeing as my staple gold and black bag is in the shop (Chanel will refurbish your old bags and send them back looking brand new; downside is that it takes 8-12 weeks), I was in desperate need of a temporary replacement. Not wanting to break the bank on another investment bag (the saleslady at Chanel kindly suggested I pick up a temp bag to hold me over until mine returns, HA!), I figured I was going to have to resort to alternate options.

What You'll Need:

Black bag
Pyramid studs (assorted sizes)
Seam ripper or other sharp object


The fabric on my bag wasn't thick, so I found it easy to poke the prongs through with my hands and bend them closed with pliers. If you can't work the studs through by hand, use the sharp end of the seam ripper to puncture two holes where the prongs will easily slide in. Starting at the center of your bag, work your way toward the outside edge following parallel to the top curve. Next, you will make an upside down triangle. Start from the center stud and make a line of four studs in both direction. In groups of two, work your way down the bag to a point. Now it is time for the larger triangle. Alternating large and small studs, make another line of four studs in both directions above the first triangle. Work your way down the bag in groups of two, just as before, but mix it up by adding a large pyramid in place of two small ones occasionally. Finish the point with a group of three large studs.

The arrowhead-like nature of the triangular pattern makes the bag look much more sophisticated than others with haphazardly placed studs. I think it gives off the perfect undertone of Native-American-meets-modern-New-Yorker. Yes, I'll get along just fine with this until my precious baby returns from the Paris shop looking buffed, shiny, and sparkly.


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maddie said...

if i ever stop procrastinating, I definitely want to DIY the bag and acid washed jeans! Thanks for all the helpful tips!


Angelia said...


Angelia said...

I passed an award to you. You can copy it from my blog if you want.

Lily said...

Your diy are always perfect when I try I usually just end up breaking it.


Fashion Tidbits said...

totally awesome DIY!!!

yiqin; said...

SUCHA GREAT PROJECT! thanks so much for sharing :) I find it very hard to poke holes for the studs though

Diana said...

Thanks!! I love your blog want to link up? I added you to my blog roll.

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deep_in_vogue said...

Wow, babe, you did an AMAZING job!!

Putri Erdisa said...

o my gosh!! i could not believe it was really your hand made!! so damn cool!!
love your blog honey. visit mine, you are invited. ;) smooch

♥ fashion chalet said...

Exactly- Thurs. is like the pre-weekend. Cause once the weekend arrives it's almost over already. I prefer THURSDAY to Fridays. =]

Great bag

MollyCake said...

you win! amazing DIY.

man, those salesgirls must not read the papers. we're in a recession! we don't buy chanel bags to "tide us over!"

CalamityJem said...

I love it, great DIY!

fashionfake said...

Wow, you have an amazing blog, lovin this bag and those acid wash jeans.. might have to try that some time!
Adding you to my links for sure =]
Keep up the great work!

Vintage Tea said...

Hey, The bag looks great. I think everyone (myself included) is stud mad right now. Its kinda funny.

Check out http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


la petite fashionista said...

this is great! not "trying to be punky" & overly studded like a lot of the bags I've seen lately!

Mimi said...

Wow what a great job.I adore the bag!

closeup said...


M. said...


Your DIY's are great!! If only I wasn't so lazy ;)

love your blog by the way, and thank you for leaving me a comment

Have a lovely week :)


v said...

i couldn't agree more with the a.wang thing, and yeah lets def link. let me know when you've added me and i'll add you bk!


Alena said...

nothing beats a lovely studded bag. yum.

Ciara said...

Love the bag!
Where did you get the actual bag from?