Are You a Wangster?

If I was currently in a climate where the temperature is above 10 degrees (read, not Manhattan), I would be all over these babies. Shredded denim + chain + Alex Wang = bliss.

Unfortunately, all my summer duds are stored away until May. Head over to Park & Cube for a simple tutorial. You'll come out looking like a BAMF - so fierce that no one on the street will dare mess with you!

xx, CC


la petite fashionista said...

YES. any alexander wang diy is a winner in my book! :D

Maya l'Abeille said...

Alexander Wang is like a deity. those denim shorts are amazing!
of course, any DIY that i attempt turns out like a 5th grade craft-fair project.

DIANAB. said...

i absolutely love love love your blog. i'm linking you. hope you don't mind.

you're entirely too creative- adored!

fennella ella ay ay ay said...

Very cute && ghrunge idea for any bad chic willing to rock this during the summer
hint hint