Iron Maiden

I've been obsessed with these beat-up studded combat boots from Bess NYC, but I am less than keen on the $320 price tag. I walk by the store on my way to class everyday and stare longingly at the gorgeous (over-priced) studded goods. Left with an abundance of studs from my last project (below), I figured there was no better time than the present to fashion my very own pair. Given the snow storm that left Manhattan a slushy, disgusting mess today, they're sure to keep my feet firmly planted on the slippery sidewalks.

What You'll Need:
Boots (think Target or Goodwill)
Pyramid studs
Seam ripper or other sharp object


I have a wee obsession with ankle boots, so I folded the tops of my boots down until I got the height I desired. Next, decide the placement of your studs. I followed the curved seam around the heel. With the prongs of the studs, make a mark on the leather where they will poke through. Use the sharp end of a seam ripper to make little holes where the marks were. Now, the prongs of the studs easily slide into the leather. Using pliers, reach inside the boot and flatten the prongs so they won't poke your feet. Continue until you've studded to your heart's desire!

I love using my boots to toughen up flouncy skirts and feminine frocks!



Anonymous said...

amazing, i love this!
such an awesome idea, love what you have done!

Anni said...

hi, I love your blog ;).
i get so much good ideads to d-i-y

Billie Jean said...

again an amzing DIY. love the result!

Kira Fashion said...

Great boots! And I loved even more how you matched. Fantastic!

Jenni Jehanne said...

OH MY!!! I love what you did with those. So handy and smart!

I definitely am all about the mixing of feminine and rugged so I love what you did. I just found your blog and I love it. Keep up the good work!


jessica said...

you did such an amazing job !
love it .


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Really amazing. I always walk by Bess and think, God I really need to do those myself. Now I might have to after seeing your results!


la petite fashionista said...

what a perfect use for the leftover studs. where on earth did you find those kickass boots?

yiqin; said...

You have the best DIY ideas! now all I have to do is find the perfect pair of boots to stud!

Fashionboobies said...

I love these ankle studded boots! They're absolutely amazing!!
Good job!

JuliAM said...

i studded a pair of heels for a burberry effect...it takes patience for sure. great job on your boots!

milk said...

Those boots are amazing. Love the skirt. Love the whole outfit!

LML said...

LOVE the studs! all your projects always some out looking as good or better that the original!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Cool shoes!!!
Old photos make me smile too :]

thank you<3

Anonymous said...

amazing boots

may have to try this look


chloe said...

Thanks for writing this! I'm DEFINITELY going to try this sometime! And also, thanks for the link to the studs. I'd been looking for a site where you can buy them.....

Siska said...

your boots are sexy°

selinaoolala said...

what a perfect outfit to pair with those fab boots! reminds me of a facehunter pic from ages

Brook and Lyn said...

Very cute outfit. If I had the legs I would try it too!

p.s.-I took the liberty of adding your blog onto my blogger friends list. Thanks for the kind words you left on mine.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Oh these are gorgeous, I saw something similar in an upcycle boutique in NY, 500 damn dollars!

hande's closet said...

those boots look so amazing and where did u get those studs i couldn't find any gold:(

Samantha Smikle said...

i want to do this with my wingtip shoes! but i need to find gunmetal stud :/

thanks for stopping by my blog girlie!

Theresa said...

they are fantastic, i like the studs on them

Anni said...

I studded my boots too
and I used your photo, is it okay?.,

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Wow !! those are the boots I love, actually I was thinking on buying a Dr Marten boots so they're really expensive, I'd like to know where you found those boots because they're really perfect.

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