Waist Management

While one typically thinks of cording and tassels as a home decor staple, Hannah MacGibbon clearly had another use in mind for the drapery accents while designing the ChloƩ Fall 2009 collection. After a rocky first season as head designer for the French fashion house, MacGibbon finally struck a high note as she adorned her collection of comfy coats and khakis with demure fringe accents on clutches, blouses, and, of course, belts. Wrapped around a luxe velvet skirt, the interwoven metallic and black silk threads recall the regal days of the court of Versailles. What better way to infuse a little luxe into your everyday wardrobe?

What You'll Need:
Black velvet skirt (thrifted for $5.00)

Black and metallic cord (approximately 2 yards)
Two black tassels

Black satin ribbon (1/2" width)



After threading your needle, stitch around the end of the cord a few times so it will not unravel. Attach one tassel to each end of the cord by sewing through the center of the tassel and knotting multiple times. Wrap the satin ribbon around the spot where the tassel meets the end of the cord and secure by sewing for a finished look. Wrap your belt around a velvet skirt for a runway ready look or add to skinny jeans or harem pants for a look all your own!



jess said...

fantastic, as always


Ruta said...

Great idea. The perfect alternate to a belt.

Fashion Nicotine said...

Nice DIY!

Fashion By He said...

the belt is a great look, love the blog

link exchange?

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


ByeByeSoccerMom said...

i'm into cords and tassels for jewelry this season, but so totally inspired by this skirt!!! Thanks for this idea. I've seen cord&tassel belt before but VELVET skirt makes all the difference in the world!!!!! thanks again, i'm so inspired to go to Goodwill to hunt for a dark color velvet skirt!!!

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