The seemingly bleak economical and environmental outlook these days leaves people yearning for protection and security. This climate can't help but impact designers during their creative process, so it is no wonder tougher, utilitarian jewelry is making its way onto the scene. Case in point? Staple Brit label Burberry Prorsum and the recently launched Dannijo. Both lines used barbed wire as inspiration for bracelets that send a "Don't mess with me" message. Juxtaposed with dainty, ethereal dresses, these bracelets will keep you looking sharp all spring!

What You'll Need:
3 yards thin leather cord
Jewelry clasp

One bead



Begin by cutting two pieces of cord, each one yard long. Tie a knot at one end, then twist the two strands together and tie another knot about six inches from the opposite end. Slip on your bead then tie another knot, adding your jewelry clasp, to secure it in place. This serves as the length of the bracelet that you will wrap around your wrist.

Now it is time to make the barbs. Cut your remaining yard of leather cord into five inch pieces. While pinching the small piece of cord to the bracelet with your thumb and forefinger, wrap the loose end around itself and over the end you are pinching about three times. Leave the last loop a bit loose and slide the end of the cord under the loop, which acts as a knot to keep the barb from unwrapping.

Put a dot of superglue over the knot and snip off the excess cord. Make one barb at four inch intervals along your entire bracelet.



Deze said...

I love the concept! But if we use real barbed wire, won't we get hurt or something? lol


I wish I was this creative, I'm most def going to try this, I really like it...normally I get this type of bracelet from Topman but now I can save my money and have it looking exactly how I want. Thanks for the post.

Margaux. said...

This is really cute! Might just have to try it.

Folly B said...

I'm going to have to try this. Really easy, but looks so gd!

Aurora said...

i just followed, this blog is genius! x


Great idea,will have to try it real soon ;)

K. said...

I like it and I try to do it, but I don't understand how to do barbs. Can you add more pictures? Please! (I don't undersand English very well.)

huahui said...

I so adore your creations and more than that, your generosity to share it!


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Cool simple design but really cool!!

Emilie said...

You are so creative!


MAGDArling said...

i love it! great idea dear!