Learning the Ropes

Marc Jacobs has a reputation for doing some pretty off the wall designs, leaving his audience with either a "love it" or "hate it" opinion. For his resort 09 handbag collection Marc catered to the yachting crowd - quite literally - with his line of "Fluo Passementary" handbags (def. - trimming with braid or cord). Working with neon rope typically used to station a yacht or sail boat to the dock, Marc created beautifully woven works of art to add as decoration on his simple leather satchels. Whether taking a trip someplace warm or battling the brutal cold, this handbag adds the perfect pop to any outfit for the new year.

What You'll Need:
Assorted rope (found at Home Depot)

Flat back gems

Hot glue gun


Begin by taking your largest gauge rope and create symmetrical loops around the front center of the handbag. This takes a bit of experimentation until you come up with a design you like.

Once you know how you are going to lay out the rope, cut the proper length. Take your hot glue gun and put a dot on the end of the rope to prevent unraveling. Squeeze a thin line of glue on the bag in the shape of your design and press the rope on top. If your bag has a flap like mine, be careful to only glue on the top part of the flap. The rope has enough structure that it keep its shape and hang over the bottom. Continue gluing until your design is complete, then come in with a second (slightly thinner) rope and add to your first design. As a finishing touch, glue a few colorful gems in the center of your loops.

To finish the handbag, tie a long piece of rope around the end of one side of the handle. Begin tying the rope in basic alternating knots, as you would if you were braiding a flat hemp necklace. When you reach the other side of the handle, put a dot of hot glue on each side of loose rope. Once dry (approximately one minute), snip the excess rope off as close to the knot as possible.



Joe said...

thats so cool!

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Aw-shum!!!I love ur versions more ;) Thanks for sharing.

la reina cotilla said...

cute cute, I love your blog. Happy new year 2010!
Regards from Madrid.


adelaide said...

It looks really cool. But I don't know if I would carry it.

G said...

Your bag is awesome, I'll try to make it soon!


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oh my.ure so creative!like the way you remake this bag..//love this blog.

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very cool, the bag looks awesome

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Where did you get the purse you used?


This is awesome!!!

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oh wow that looks really nice ! Too bad i dont have the patience for this.. haha

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Hey, interesting post!

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Wow. Such a fantastic idea. I love your final product!