Buckle Up

The holidays are officially over, your energy is zapped, and there is nothing to look forward to in the dreary months of February and March; it's no wonder you wake up every morning and throw your hair into a lackluster bun or braid! Thank goodness Eugenia Kim, milliner to the stars, is here to save the (no good very bad hair) day with her embroidered buckle headband. Handpicked by Lucky editors as a surrealist statement piece, it's the perfect winter accessory - everyone will notice your shining hair and cute new eyeshadow instead of the same coat you've been forced to wear since November.

What You'll Need:
One piece of felt

Wide headband

Black grosgrain ribbon 2" width


Hot glue gun

Black Sharpie

Begin by cutting the piece if felt into a wide strip. Be sure it is long enough to cover the entire headband; cut diagonally along the arrows below.

Put a dot of hot glue on one end of the headband, and press one end of the felt strip down on the glue. Make thin lines of glue along the inside edges of the headband and press the felt under. Make sure the felt is smooth along the outside surface of the headband. To create a finished look (and prevent glue from yanking out your hair!) glue the black ribbon on the inside of the headband. Cut off the excess ribbon with scissors.

Now it is time to add the trompe l'oeil buckle with a Sharpie. Near the top of the band, draw a large square covering the entire width of the headband. Draw a smaller square inside. Next, draw the long lines of the "belt" on either side of the buckle ending in a point. Go back and add details such as stitch marks and belt holes.



Anonymous said...

U R 2 amazing! Lakehouse

Kathryn said...

Looks great. I like your version with the thinner headband better.

BejeweledCreamer said...

So cute!

IdStyle said...

so cute!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

That is way cute! Thanks so much for the great idea, I'll be linking.

la petite fashionista said...

this is so perfectly preppy! such an easy diy too.

Cicely said...

Ooh I like it! It never occured to me to diy a headband but it's such a good idea.


love it. I'm inspired

Fashion By He said...

thats awesome, great blog

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I might do it too!

Nikki S. said...

Your version is way cuter. I may cheat and buy a plain headband to draw on!

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This is cute! Love the homemade look.

Heather - dollarstorecrafts.com said...

I'm gonna link to this on Dollar Store Crafts - thanks!

shaner82 said...

Great! My teenage daughter is all over this. Thanks!

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Dita Maulani said...

CUTE! Another weekend project to make. Thank you for sharing!


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I am in love with this headband! super cute DIY idea. Thanks!

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