Judith Leiber Clutch

A Judith Leiber swarovski crystal studded bag is a classic investment for every fashionista. However, at over $1,000 a pop they're not exactly on the affordable side. With some crystals, glue, and a little elbow grease no one will be able to the difference between your bag, and the poor sap who forked over a month's rent standing next to you!

What You'll Need:

Vintage clutch

Packing tape

Super glue

Find a hard, vintage clutch in your mother's closet or at an antique store. For curved bags, it is best to put packing tape over the front so the crystals lay as smooth as possible. Beginning at the top, left corner start gluing crystals across the top row. Repeat until the entire front is complete!

For the budding artistes out there, you can draw your own design on the bag and accentuate it with different color crystals. Voila, a one of a kind piece!

*Note, this could take some time, depending on the crystal size you use. It is best to attempt this project in the summer!

xx, CC

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