Gara Danielle Rope Bracelet

When New York turned LA girl Gara started selling her jewelry right off her own neck, she decided to create her own line called Gara Danielle. Using her signature wire wrapping technique, Gara's pieces are precious and delicate with just a bit of hard edge thrown into the mix. Luckily her braiding techniques are not too complex, so anyone with experience making friendship bracelets as a child (come on, we all went through the lanyard phase!) can pull off this project.

What You'll Need:


Cord (substitute ribbon, suede, floss, or any other thread to add interesting texture)


Charm (optional)

Cut one piece of chain and two pieces of cord to the same length. The length should be however many times you want the bracelet to wrap around your wrist, plus a few inches extra because the bracelet shortens as you braid it. Knot one end and begin braiding. Work your way down until about three inches remain loose and knot again to secure braid. Attach a special charm at the end for personal flair!

To wear simply wrap the bracelet around your wrist and tie the two knots together, leaving some fringe. If you want a more secure clasp (which you can buy at any craft store), simply attach it to the knot.

xx, CC


Anonymous said...

These are really cool and unique. I saw that hautelook.com is doing a sample sale on Wednesday for Gara Danielle. I hope they have these pieces!

Anonymous said...

I have recently developed an infatuation with rope bracelet, but these are some of the cutest ones I have seen, so I had to try to make my own. I am not a very crafty person, and have made maybe one necklace in my life (that came out of a kit), so I was a little nervous and doubtful that it would work. It was very easy though, and everyone has been asking where I got it from!