Geminola Painted Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are no longer a novelty shoe: they are a necessity. No wardrobe is complete without a pair, or two, or seven, but with everyone wearing flats, how can you standout? Geminola, beloved for their creative refurbishes of vintage items, offers an answer with these painted ballet flats.

What You'll Need:
Ballet flats
Stencil (provided)
Tracing paper

Blow up the pattern provided to the necessary size (so it fits on the toe of your ballet shoe). Choose your favorite design and trace onto the tracing paper. Flip the tracing the paper over (so the pencil-side touches the shoe) and center it on the shoe. Make sure the end of your pencil is blunt, and shade over the entire back of the tracing paper, making sure you apply ample pressure. This allows your traced design to transfer onto the shoe. When you peel the paper off, you should have a nice pattern ready to paint. Choose your favorite song lyric and write it in the box!

xx, CC

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Zoƫ said...

love your blog
i think i might try this with my old ballet flats!