CC Skye Wrap Bracelet

Legend has it that CC Skye's famous wrap bracelets were actually inspired by Nicole Richie. Nic apparently took the chain strap off her Chanel bag and fashioned it into a bracelet. Now CC Skye's jewelry is worn by everyone from Hilary Duff to...you!

What You'll



Select chain from your local hardware store, and ask a professional to cut it to your desired length (however many times you want the bracelet to wrap around your wrist). Select ribbon, leather, or any other string of appropriate width to thread through the chain. Tie the ends to hold in place. Either leave long and tie a bow, or snip short for a sleek look.

Tip: I prefer leaving the ribbon ends long so I can change the color to match my
outfit. You can make infinite bracelets out of one chain that way!

xx, CC


heartofpearl♥ said...

this is fantastic! thanks for such an awesome blog i really liked this entry!!

geri said...

ohhhh im so making this!!

Anonymous said...

fantastic idea.