Shades of Jade

I've been DIYING (pun intended) for the perfect shade of nail polish since I saw pops of green all over the classic black and white Chanel runway last spring.

After numerous (failed) attempts at concocting my own varnish, I decided it was time to give up hope.

Then while Christmas shopping this past weekend, I found the perfect color at Urban Outfitters. The title? Simply "Green 2." Guess it only took UO two attempts to match the aforementioned designer shade. The best part? At only $5 a pop it's the perfect stocking stuffer for all your friends!



lucinda said...

I feel your UO colour is more emerald than jade?

Shay said...

I just blogged about Essie's color, it's much closer to the Chanel.

loveisthenewpunk said...

That's a really cool nail color. i love super cheap makeup finds!