All That Jazz

Call it the Michael Jackson effect. Since the entertainer's passing last summer jazz shoes have been seen adorning the feet of everyone from It-Brit Alexa Chung to Belgian model Anouck Lepère. Typically in black patent leather or the occasional metallic, they complement every look from cropped skinny pants to baby-doll dresses. For those who tend to lean toward the New York uniform of all black as a fall back option when pressed for time or creativity, there is no better shoe to add interest to an otherwise safe outfit than Christian Louboutin's Fred glitter lace-up shoes. With the amount of complements you'll receive, you'll be toe-tapping and moonwalking your way to the top of all your peers' best dressed lists.

What You'll Need:
One pair white sneakers
Black Sharpie
Glitter & gem glue
Small paint brush
Silver glitter
2 yards leather cord
Mod Podge® or other glitter sealant

First, remove the shoe laces. Color around the edges and stitched detailing of the shoes with a Sharpie. Don't worry about making the lines perfect; in fact, it is better to color a bit outside the lines as well.

Now, cover your work area with newspaper (and keep a vacuum handy for clean up). Begin painting glue on the white canvas of the shoe, one section at a time. Be sure you are covering all the canvas right up to the black edges. Pour glitter on the glue covered part of the shoe, then shake off the excess. Repeat until the entire shoe is covered in glitter. Allow to dry overnight. Dab on a glitter sealant to prevent the sparkles from falling off (however, I still wouldn't recommend wearing the shoes around your house!). For the finishing touch, lace up the shoes with a leather cord.



Ruta said...

Awesome idea. I'm definitely going to have to try this.

CalamityJem said...

Brilliant DIY, you are bang on yet again!

chicago securities lawyers said...

awesome kicks! i love it.

Mod Podge Amy said...

These are awesome! Who doesn't love glitter?

Mia said...

Love Love! I am making these for the new year, thanks for posting all of these fun projects:)

Samantha said...

GENIUS. I've been wanting to do this but I didn't know glitter sealant existed. Now I know what to use!

Comprare Cialis said...

Nice post! Thanks for sharing!

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Great post thanks

NaszL :) said...

İ did this diy projects yesterday :)
i love miumiu gold glitter shoes..
Great diy :) you have got enjoy diy projects..
i like your blog ! i follow you ..
and wait u my blog :)) see u later xOxO..