Gem Dandy

What do you get when you cross a L.A. based stylist/Kitson buyer with a L.A.M.B. designer? The chicest little clothing line for girls with a temerarious temperament - Pencey. Named after Holden Caulfield's boarding school, Pencey has a preppy presupposition with unexpected edge. Case in point? Graphic tees with smileys - upside down - and cozy waffle sweaters cut just a wee bit too short. Pencey's Holiday 2009 collection is available on shopbop.com, but you won't find this simple gray sweatshirt with a sparkling surprise.

What You'll Need:
Gray sweatshirt
Assorted flat back jewels

Fabric glue

Lay your sweatshirt on a flat surface. Insert a magazine/book/dvd case in between the front and back layer of fabric so glue won't seep through. Arrange your crystals in a diagonal line from the collar to the armpit on both sides.

Once you are happy with the positioning, place a dot of glue on the back of each jewel and press firmly. Allow to dry at least an hour, but preferably overnight.



Hannah said...

Wow! Looks so great! And it's extremely simple!

Caoimhe said...

Wow..just stumbled across your page here..very impressed well done :) i am just getting into customising stuff myself and love your ideas!

Clad in Couture said...

love what you're doing on your blog! especially the opening ceremony jacket. im seriously going to make that over my winter break!!


ed hardy said...

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Ruta said...

Wonderful idea. Yours look so similar to the original.