Buggin' Out

You've got to hand it to that Fendi clan; they're one talented brood. The latest to break away from the pack is 21-year-old Delfina Delettrez, daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi. However, don't expect her to follow in her mother's footsteps of classic motifs (Silvia created the famed Fendi "Baguette"). Delfina has a penchant for the macabre, incorporating skeletons, reptiles, and other creepy crawlers into her jewelry line. Her latest collaboration with Parisian 'créateur de lunettes' Alain Mikli takes couture eyewear to a whole new level...and price point! Her limited edition line is available at Colette just in time for summer and starts at a mere $925. Not heading to Europe this vacation? With a street vendor pair of sunglasses, paint and a steady hand, you can craft up a pair of edgy sunnies that'll have all your friends buggin' with jealousy!

What You'll Need:
Acrylic paint
Hot glue gun

Start by wiping the lenses of your sunglasses and removing all fingerprints for a clean surface. Dip the sharp end of a toothpick in the paint and lightly dot your design on the edge of the frame. Acrylic paint wipes off easily, so don't worry if you mess up on the first few tries! I found that dotting the web and lightly blending the dots together gives you the thinnest line.

Take the clean end of a toothpick and gently wipe away any flaws from bleeding paint. After the paint is dry, hot glue your charm to the corner of the frame. If you have arachnophobia, try a sea creature charm and paint blue waves, or a dog charm with painted paw prints...the possibilities are endless!



Alice said...


supergroupie said...

your version looks just as good as the original, but i must say the original is quite ridiculous. unless it's halloween.

MAGDArling said...

gr8 job again;D

la petite fashionista said...

$900 is a bit steep for sunglasses, but they're so fun! i'd have to go up and get a closer look at someone wearing them.

also love the natuical shirt DIY, so cute! now that i've got some time on my hands i'm feeling super crafty.

Cara said...

@Alice@MAGDarling Thanks guys!

@supergroupie Agreed I wouldn't wear them everyday, but for a summer cookout or camping trip I think they'd be apropos. However cheesy it may be, I'm all about theme dressing.

@lapetitefashionista $900 is definitely steep for these glasses. I only plunk down the big bucks for classics.


Natalie said...

haha omg these are great!


saray said...

this is awesome..

calamityjem said...

Love this! Fabulous DIY, well done :)

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Very cool! I'll be linking in my next fashion roundup.

Elaine said...

This is so cute! and so creative!!


Ruta said...

awww i love these. sooo awesome.

Michelle said...

SUCH a good idea, i think im going to try this out!
Just a quick question. you said "Acrylic paint wipes off easily" so does that mean if they get wet the pattern web will be gone, or just rubbed it will disapear?

Cara said...

@Michelle I wouldn't recommend wearing these in the rain, but once the paint has dried it won't come off too easily. I just meant you can immediately wipe the paint off with a Scott towel if your hand slips while designing.