Anchors Away

The nautical theme is everywhere these days, from the always iconic Michael Kors to D&G's latest French Riviera inspired collection; however, Phillip Lim beat them all to the punch this season. He crafted up an exclusive little tee for Brooklyn hot shop Bird last December, touting the piece as adding "some major sparkle to your holidays." While the blinding gems certainly make you feel giddy with Christmas cheer, the winding rope helps the piece transition between seasons (perfect for the lazy days of summer lurking around the corner!). Throw this versatile piece over your swim suit for a day at the beach or pair with smart trousers for cocktails and cookouts.

What You'll Need:
Rope (about 3 yards)
Pack of large crystals (with holes for sewing)

Start by arranging the crystals around the neckline in the general pattern you desire. Remember to leave enough room between the crystals for the rope to loop around.

Next, sew the crystals to the shirt with a needle and thread. Do not stretch the shirt when sewing, but let the fabric fall naturally. This will help you avoid puckering. Once all the crystals are secure, snake the rope around them tying loose knots. I folded my rope in half and started at the center of the shirt, working my way out on both sides. Secure the rope with thread by sewing from the underside of the shirt.

Once the rope is tied around all the crystals, sew it completely around the neckline to the back of the shirt. The two ends of the rope should meet at the nape of your neck. Tie some thread around both ends (so the rope won't unravel) and snip off the excess. I then added a spiral for a more finished look, or you can experiment with other ways to tie off the rope. Check out the original.

Now you have your very own nautical knit. Let the fun in the sun commence!


P.S. For any loyal readers out there still kindly following my crafty endeavors, I apologize for my much too long hiatus. However, now that the pesky little obligation called college is out of the way I fully intend to update more frequently in the coming months. Thanks for sticking around!


supergroupie said...

I think yours actually looks better! Very cute.

Kathryn said...

Welcome back! Hope that college went well for you.

This project looks like it would be as much fun to make as it would be wear and it is going on my stuff to craft list. Thanks for sharing it with us!

MAGDArling said...

glad u're back;D and againg what a gr8 job;))) and i think urs better because of the colours;D

Anonymous said...

glad you're back :)

Heather - CROQZine.com - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

Awesome, thank you. I'm nutty for nautical.

Ilse said...

oh I love this!! I'm definitely gonna try this (when I'm not supposed to study :D)

Ruta said...

one of your best DIY's. i'm definitely going to try.

Nikki S. said...

Omg love this (:

cuteseas said...

very cute :)

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

It's fabulous, I'll be linking. I can't wait to see what you come up with in the coming months!

Pretty Pirate said...

Your blog is great, I'm so glad I found it. Glad you are back in full force!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love that white tee - how creative that you re-created it so well!!!!

Isabella said...

Love it!
You do some wonderful DIY's :)