Leather N' Lace

Prada may have staked its claim over the lace trend for Fall 2008, but we all know fashion is cyclical. Back in the days of Yore (aka 2005), YSL showed delicate, lace bags reminiscent of the Victorian Era.

What You'll Need:
Structured handbag
Battenburg lace (enough to cover bag, 1 yard should be plenty)

Beaded chain for handle

Strips of leather (1 in. wide x 12 in. long)

Pinking shears



Lay lace over the front of your handbag and cut the shape to fit right to the edge of the bag. Glue the lace down around the perimeter of the bag. Take your pinking shears and cut the leather strips on one side so a zig-zag pattern results. Line up the straight edge of the leather strips to the edge of the bag and glue down. The zig zag should face inward, and cover the lace. Attach beaded handle to the bag and swing over your shoulder!

xx, CC


joandubinsky said...

the purse you made is so awesome!

fennella ella ay ay ay said...

cotoure!!! love it