Chain Reaction

Despite all the press surrounding Erin Wasson's questionable jewelry designs, it was the FORM show last Friday that sparked a desire to create my own body chain. I invited friends Connie and Elana over to partake in the jewelry making festivities! As New York fashion week finally winds down, we had time to relax, recap the Spring 2009 trends, and pop open the bottle of champagne from the DKNY show goody bag!

What You'll Need:

Approximately 3 yards thin chain


There really is no set formula for making the body chain. I found that trial and error works best. Simply drape and twist the chain around your body in positions you find flattering. Once you're happy with the result, undo the loops on the chain and reconnect them in the desired position. Here are our results:

xx, CC


Julie's Closet said...

Hii.I really like your way to make your own accesories.I am keen on DYI stuff too,but I'm not so good as you are.
I really loved the Mischa Barton's "Hole-y" Shirt.You are really creative.

So,how are you?
Visit me on http://my-vintage-november.blogspot.com

Modelizer said...

I'm a mysterious person who hates her photo being taken/being found online. Also I think it's the only none attention whore seeking part of myself, so I like to be unnoticed for as long as possible. But it's very cool that we went to the same shows, they're all a blur to me, I don't remember anything. All I know is I have over 1k worth of photos to look over from the last day! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK TO THE LIFE OF DOING NOTHING! That was fabulous. The pain I'm in? Epi fail.

In other news, I love this entry. The second necklace is win for me, I'm going to try this out, but I don't think it'll look as good on someone with boobs vs Erin's non-boobage body :(

LML said...

wow thats really cool! i wish i had my craftroom with me in college :(

fennella ella ay ay ay said...

i love thiss
i love chains
YESS fashion

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for sharing this