Is Phillip Lim taking style cues from Stefano Pilati? This top and clutch look straight out of the same collection:Swap the petal pink skirt with distressed jeans for a more laid back vibe. Individually, each piece exudes rocker chic. Paired together... let's not go there.



Modelizer said...

Very well seen. I haven't had the heart or mind to pay attention to anything aside of what I shot this fashion week or what I see in the windows. It gets rid of a lot of useless info.

The actual Cunningham part of the windows I think went down on the 16th, so it's just the side windows that are up [although I'm sure something new and flashier is in place of Bills front windows]

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Thank you so much for your e-mail, it was really sweet of you.I really adore your blog and would definately love to exchange links,as a matter of a fact, I have already added you to my blogroll :)

And now for the post,
I absolutely adore that wavy pattern...would love to find a similar affordable skirt or shirt, and even maybe a dress.... As for you tutorial, on the clutch... Holy, you're one gifted girl :)