Take It to the Lim-it!

Walk into any department store this holiday season and you'll see bling is back in a big way. If blinding sequin garments are a bit over the top for your style or you don't have the dough to drop on legitimate ice, you may want to consider a more practical, yet totally unique option - Phillip Lim's accordian pleated necklace. This version is a spin-off from the one that opened his runway show. Decked out with colorful jewels, this necklace combines the best of two trends with the tough gold metal chain, an ode to biker chic. Throw on over a simple dress or plain top to add character to any ensemble. Dressing for holiday soirees or office parties couldn't be easier this season. Gem dandy!

What You'll Need:
Black grosgrain ribbon (approximately 2 inches wide)
Black tulle ribbon
Gems (assorted colors and sizes)
Two metal loops
Hot glue gun

First turn the iron on and spread out the grosgrain ribbon. Thread your needle to have it handy. Leave about 5 inches of ribbon at the end, then use your fingers to fold the ribbon into half inch pleats and press firmly with the hot iron. It works best to fold about three to five pleats at a time. Make a row of tiny stitches across the top of the pleated ribbon to hold it in place. Continue working your way down the ribbon in this manner until you reach your desired length. The ends of the ribbon should lay on either side of your neck, leaving room across the back for the tulle ribbon.

Lay the pleated ribbon flat. Using the needle and thread, sew the chain down across the top of the pleated part of the necklace. Next, slip one of the loops through the end of the ribbon. Fold the ribbon around the loop and sew flat. Repeat for opposite side. Attach the tulle ribbon in the same manner on the other side of the loop. Finally, hot glue the colored gems on the front of the necklace just below the chain.



supergroupie said...

very nice, but the rhinestones are a bit tacky (on both necklaces) IMO. minus the stones it's fabulous, I think your version is just as good.

la petite fashionista said...

im obsessed with bib necklaces lately. just bought one yesterday finally and i'm already sporting it today; this will be a great DIY to add to my collection :)

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I love your title! =) This is great, I'll be linking!

Maegan said...

Amazing!!! Your stuff is great!