Extra, Extra...

Parson's alum Eugenia Kim hasn't stopped making hats since suffering a bad haircut and being forced to shave her head. Suffer in vain she did not! Her newsboy caps were quickly all over the red carpet on the precocious heads of young Hollywood a few years ago, but now the young designer has solidified her status as the hat guru with fedoras, berets, and even headbands. Newsboy caps haven't looked this good since crowning the head of a barely legal Christian Bale in the 1992 film Newsies.

What You'll Need:
Black hat
Gold chain
Thin black ribbon

First, braid two strands of chain and one strand of ribbon. Make sure the braid is long enough to lie across the entire front brim of the hat. Thread your needle and sew the ribbon part of your braid to the hat. Be sure the braid lies flat and you are only stitching on the underside.

Once you have sewn the entire braid, snip off any loose ends. Although the hat isn't entirely similar to Eugenia Kim's, it would fit in quite nicely with Chanel's Fall 2004 collection, used liberally in The Devil Wears Prada.


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