Fits Like A Glove

Rock revival is a common theme on the runways, most recently seen in shows from Nina Ricci to Burberry. However, achieving the rocker look doesn't have to be all about shredded concert tees and metal accents. With the tragic death of Michael Jackson dominating the headlines as of late, what better way to pay tribute to the King of Pop than channeling his signature one glove look with Alexander McQueen's Faithful Leather Glove Clutch.

What You'll Need:
Large flap clutch
Fingerless glove (can be cut)
Snap button

First, sew one side of the snap button on the palm of the glove. Center the glove on the clutch for placement. It should rest just over the flap enclosure where you comfortably hold the bag. Make a mark where the snap meets the bag, then sew the other side of the snap button to the clutch. Now you have a removable glove built into your bag! This will come in handy if you unexpectedly find yourself in a street race or if, like me, your appendages are always abnormally cold.



Nikki S. said...

Fabulous idea!

Elaine said...

haha, this is pretty awesome!!!!!


Natalie said...

love these gloves!


Ruta said...

love this idea but i love the glove a lot.

Kristen said...

Love this clutch... actually love all your projects, they are always simple, clever and chic. Thanks!

El Notable said...

hahahahah amazing! cool idea.
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Rozdeen said...

Lovely blog! Love the DIY ideas. Bookmarked for more.


Darrah said...

I want some leather gloves that go up to my elbows! I like the biker glove too though...

Ashley said...

I love that clutch..but it could def. be a very cool diy!


Seasons said...

I absolutely love your blog. The DIY tips are great and can save money in the long run. YOu are truly inspirational!