Stuart Weitzman Jellystone Flats

Stuart Weitzman Jellystones (retail price $115)

The debate about wearing jellies past the age of 5 has been going on for quite some time now. Never one to invest in a fleeting trend, I decided to buy a pair of cheapies at my local DSW. If you decide to bite the bullet, why not add a little sophistication with silk ribbon and Swarovski crystals? The only crime to trying this trend is paying $100+ for something that costs under $20.

What You'll Need:
Jelly shoes

Silk ribbon


Super glue

Start by gluing the crystals onto the shoe where the open weaves cross. I glued a lot onto the front, then started placing them more sporadically as I worked my way back toward the heel. Next, weave the ribbon around the top edge of the shoe from heel to toe (then do the same on the opposite side of the shoe). The two pieces of ribbon will meet in the center of the shoe. Secure in place with super glue and cut off excess ribbon. Glue the ribbon in place at the heel of the shoe in the same manner.

Next, cut about 12 in. of ribbon and tie in a bow. Glue the bow onto the center of the shoe.

Polish of the look by gluing a single crystal in the center of the bow. Et voilà!! Your very own pair of high class jelly flats.

xx, CC

Added bonus: Jellies are a great summer alternative to rain boots.


Caroline_the_cool1008 said...

Omg! Let me just say that I LOVE your blog! Aa a crafter and a fashionista, this combines my two favorite things into one! Thank you so much and keep on blogging!

Modelizer said...

I would never guess you made your copy yourself. Very good looks, my mom forced me to get the 3.1 dress you DYIed in an earlier post and I returned it right after, I might have to send your version to her and maybe she'll understand why I thought it wasn't worth it! Great blog