Starry Night

As we gear up for the Spring 2009 collections, I thought a trip down memory lane, in the form of Stefano Pilati's Spring 2008 YSL Star Goddess Dress, was appropriate. I know you may be thinking "this is so last season," but anyone who knows me is aware I have a slight obsession with stars. Whether on garments, accessories, or skin, in the words of Depeche Mode, I just can't get enough.

What You'll Need:
White dress (I used a simple jersey, but silk is more akin to the real thing!)
Star template (http://elegantmusings.com/tutorials/startemplate.gif)
Glitter (gold, purple, green, and blue)
Fabric glue

Begin by laying the dress on a flat surface. Decide the placement of the stars and trace the outline with a pencil. Next, fill in your star outlines with a smooth coat of fabric glue and shake the glitter on top. Let glue dry for about 20 minutes before shaking off the excess glitter.

Be sure to complete one star before moving onto the next as you don't want the glitter colors to mix. After you have glittered all the stars, allow the dress to dry over night.

The relaxed fit and colorful pattern of the dress make it versatile for styling... you'll have a look that's out of this world!

xx, CC


Modelizer said...

Do you make something new every day? Because that's pretty incredible.

I'm glad that you like my work, that means a lot to me. If you'd like to buy some prints of it, that's a possibility. I've never openly discussed it on my blog that people can buy large prints, but why not.

The dress was down to like 180 @ Barneys in July, but I felt like I would only wear it once, twice maximum, and not get my moneys worth out of it.

Your star dress is so fun, I'm sad that summer is ending :(

LML said...

WOW! thats awesome - great job!

Anonymous said...

It was a horrible expensive dress and then it turn into a horrible cheap dress, sorry I really think both were awful.

But I totaly loved what you did with the flats, that was awesome, super cool!


fennella ella ay ay ay said...

oh my gosh this is stunning
i haven't been to Michael's (arts & crafts) forever