Dye-ing to try...

Karen Walker acid wash jeans.

Upon first glance I thought these pants were the most heinous article of clothing I ever laid eyes on! I mean, who would pay $385 to look like they performed menial labor for a living? However, something about the ease in which Lauren Santo Domingo pulls off the look (in the background of a recent Sartorialist post no less) inspired me to try it out. It's a cheap, simple project; all you need is to splatter some bleach on an old pair of dark jeans. Pair them with a billowing blouse (à la Lauren) for a summertime chic vibe or throw on a bouclé sweater at the first sign of an autumn breeze.

xx, CC


LML said...

loving your blog! im all about DIY's~

Galina said...

Your blog is great for sparking creative thinking. Keep up the good work!