Don't Forget to Floss!

In these days of Pinterest and up cycling the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" has never held more true. If you're like me and feel bad wasting craft materials you probably have tons of leftover embroidery floss that is not quite long enough to start a new project. Now you can use those scraps to add a fun pop of color to an ordinary charm à la Urban Outfitters!

What You'll Need:
Embroidery floss
Jump Ring


First, twist together your embroidery floss and thread through the jump ring. Pinching the floss together, wrap the wire around the embroidery floss (approximately 10 times) at the base of the jump ring.

Lastly, cut off the excess wire. Undo your necklace and slide on the new jump ring!



Katie Woodrow said...

hey this looks like a great idea, just checked out your site, you've definitely got some badass creativity going on. great job on the necklace!

Lisa @ Textbooks said...

Lovely, sweet blend & perfect balance!

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I've just featured your blog in my recent post My Favourite Blogs @ The Science of Happy.


Always a pleasure reading!


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